Thursday, 9 September 2010

Zerg, Terran or Protoss - Which Are You?

In the ongoing fight between:
Zerg (Making Slime and Carapace's so kick ass)
Terran (Making Rambo look like donald duck)
and Protoss (War of the worlds eat your heart out)

I want to ask,   which are you my readers?   you can answer this even if you dont play SC2,  simply answer the 5 questions in this quiz  :

Post results and smiley faces


Greg Fields (IdrA) vs Tae Hoon Ji (허준과침제니스)

This was the first match of the "Round of 64"  Greg Fields as Zerg and Tae Hoon Ji as Terran.

After coming second in the ESL tournament to another Terran player Greg must have felt very weary of what his opponent would bring to the table, and Tae Hoon was well known for his Ghost plays which would be revealed with devastating consequences before the rounds were over. Im talking Nukes.

This match all together was amazing as should be expected from the opening match of the season, IdrA did very well at spreading his creep and making sure his queen's put out larvae at a superior rate then predicted and producing the correct units for counters. Tae Hoon did extremely well at harrasment and reaper control while maintaining expansions and teching correctly against everything IdrA spawned.

I will be sure to not post spoilers in any of my blogs instead i will post how i rate the matches, final comments and links to the videos on

Match 1 - IdrA v Tae Hoon Ji

Please note - You can only watch 'Set 1' for free, for 'Set 2' and 'Set 3' on the rest of the video's you must buy a "Premium Live season ticket" for $19.95but when you do buy that ticket, you will have access to all the content from September 4th to October 2nd, nearly a whole month of video, picture and interview content.

Overall: 9.6/10  This game was amazing,  if i could change one thing from the video i wish Tasteless realised we were watching his vision earlier :)
Final Comments:  IDRA FIGHTING!!!  Tae Hoon FIGHTING!!

For The Swarm!

StarCraft II Open Season1 F.A.Q

'Where can i watch the TG-Intel SC2 open season games?'

You can watch the matches online at, there are also interviews from with of the progamers you can watch.

'Is it free?'

You can watch the first game of all the matches free, but for the second and third rounds of each elimination you have to either buy a day pass, or a season ticket.

'Are the games hosted in Korean? are there subtitles?'

You will find all of the matches hosted and commentated on by the commentating pair of Artosis and Tasteless (both from the USA) in english. so there are no need for subtitles.

'What are the prizes?'

There are more then $170,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, with the winner recieving more then $80,000 and second place recieving about $20,000.

'Is it only for progamers?'

No. You can go try win. as the commentators say alot "anyone came come down here, sign up, and fight for a role in the future in SC2" and its true, entry is free, watching at the location is free entry, you can go meet and greet the commentators. Possibly the best fact i like to think about is that there are currently NO best players of SC2, because it is still a new game and everyone is still finding out what is right and wrong in the game, what to do and not to do.

For The Swarm!

The TG-Intel StarCraft II Open Season1

The TG-Intel Starcraft 2 Open Season1 tournament has hit Seoul, Korea starting the first ever Tournament and "Official League" for SC2 in Korea. 

Over 2000 enteries were made into the preliminaries and were whittled down to 64 contenders in offline competition before the start of september and starting September 4th the games have begun. Out of a range of 2000 players only 4 'Foreigners' have proceeded the preliminaries (Foreigners in the perspective of the Korean's  (e.g  USA/Europe players = Foreigners).) One of the favourites to reach the finals is Greg 'IdrA' Feilds (Zerg) who was the only foreigner for 2009/2010 who was playing Starcraft competitively as a progamer while living in Korea. 

More on this as the Open Season continues.

IdrA Fighting!!