Thursday, 9 September 2010

The TG-Intel StarCraft II Open Season1

The TG-Intel Starcraft 2 Open Season1 tournament has hit Seoul, Korea starting the first ever Tournament and "Official League" for SC2 in Korea. 

Over 2000 enteries were made into the preliminaries and were whittled down to 64 contenders in offline competition before the start of september and starting September 4th the games have begun. Out of a range of 2000 players only 4 'Foreigners' have proceeded the preliminaries (Foreigners in the perspective of the Korean's  (e.g  USA/Europe players = Foreigners).) One of the favourites to reach the finals is Greg 'IdrA' Feilds (Zerg) who was the only foreigner for 2009/2010 who was playing Starcraft competitively as a progamer while living in Korea. 

More on this as the Open Season continues.

IdrA Fighting!!


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  1. ooh, is this what you mentioned the other day? i seem to recall you said something about staying up all night watching this :)