Thursday, 9 September 2010

Greg Fields (IdrA) vs Tae Hoon Ji (허준과침제니스)

This was the first match of the "Round of 64"  Greg Fields as Zerg and Tae Hoon Ji as Terran.

After coming second in the ESL tournament to another Terran player Greg must have felt very weary of what his opponent would bring to the table, and Tae Hoon was well known for his Ghost plays which would be revealed with devastating consequences before the rounds were over. Im talking Nukes.

This match all together was amazing as should be expected from the opening match of the season, IdrA did very well at spreading his creep and making sure his queen's put out larvae at a superior rate then predicted and producing the correct units for counters. Tae Hoon did extremely well at harrasment and reaper control while maintaining expansions and teching correctly against everything IdrA spawned.

I will be sure to not post spoilers in any of my blogs instead i will post how i rate the matches, final comments and links to the videos on

Match 1 - IdrA v Tae Hoon Ji

Please note - You can only watch 'Set 1' for free, for 'Set 2' and 'Set 3' on the rest of the video's you must buy a "Premium Live season ticket" for $19.95but when you do buy that ticket, you will have access to all the content from September 4th to October 2nd, nearly a whole month of video, picture and interview content.

Overall: 9.6/10  This game was amazing,  if i could change one thing from the video i wish Tasteless realised we were watching his vision earlier :)
Final Comments:  IDRA FIGHTING!!!  Tae Hoon FIGHTING!!

For The Swarm!

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