Thursday, 9 September 2010

StarCraft II Open Season1 F.A.Q

'Where can i watch the TG-Intel SC2 open season games?'

You can watch the matches online at, there are also interviews from with of the progamers you can watch.

'Is it free?'

You can watch the first game of all the matches free, but for the second and third rounds of each elimination you have to either buy a day pass, or a season ticket.

'Are the games hosted in Korean? are there subtitles?'

You will find all of the matches hosted and commentated on by the commentating pair of Artosis and Tasteless (both from the USA) in english. so there are no need for subtitles.

'What are the prizes?'

There are more then $170,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, with the winner recieving more then $80,000 and second place recieving about $20,000.

'Is it only for progamers?'

No. You can go try win. as the commentators say alot "anyone came come down here, sign up, and fight for a role in the future in SC2" and its true, entry is free, watching at the location is free entry, you can go meet and greet the commentators. Possibly the best fact i like to think about is that there are currently NO best players of SC2, because it is still a new game and everyone is still finding out what is right and wrong in the game, what to do and not to do.

For The Swarm!

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